Top 5 Fruit and Vegetable Cleaners 2024

Did you know that the fruits and vegetables you eat can potentially contain a multitude of harmful contaminants? We’re talking about pesticide residues and even germs like salmonella and E. coli. Plus, there could be bugs left in your produce, especially in between leafy greens.

This is why it is absolutely non-negotiable that you wash your fruits and vegetables before eating them. Even if you buy your produce at the supermarket, all nicely packed and presumably washed, it never hurts to do another thorough cleaning as part of your food prep. Fruit and vegetable cleaners are a great investment to make your washing easier and more thorough. Thanks to our nifty list below, you can easily compare and buy the best fruit and vegetable cleaner online.

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Best Natural Produce Cleaner and Purifier



User Ratings (3,127)

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AquaPure makes their products to the highest standards of quality, and guarantees to deliver beyond your expectations.

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If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 90 days for a full refund.

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What Makes AquaPure Our Number One Pick?

While you can wash your produce the old-fashioned way, the AquaPure offers greater convenience and assurance that your fruits and vegetables are truly clean of any pesticide residues, bacteria, mold, and anything else that may endanger your health.

The AquaPure is an amazing product that we honestly never knew we needed — at least, not until we tried it out and experienced the difference ourselves. It’s not an exaggeration to say that for us, it stands well above all other similar cleaners we tried.  

Simple Yet Effective

One of the most amazing things about the AquaPure is how simple it is to use yet absolutely effective in doing what it should. All you really need to use it is tap water and some salt. You just put the fruits and vegetables inside, turn on the device, and then wait until the blue light turns off to indicate it’s done.

It’s really that easy! In just five minutes, the AquaPure deep cleans your fruits and vegetables and you’ll have ready to eat produce that’s pesticide-free, pest-free, and bacteria-free! Those additional five minutes goes a long way to helping improve your diet and your health.

Light and Travel-friendly

Clocking in at just below four inches by two inches in size, you can easily pack the AquaPure up and take it with you when you travel. This makes it easy to bring with you, even on hiking and camping trips. Since its batteries can be USB recharged using any electronic charging plug, you can use it with your regular phone chargers or even a powerbank.

Makes Produce Taste Better

The AquaPure doesn’t just make your fruits and vegetables cleaner and safer to eat. Thanks to the thorough cleaning and absence of any contaminants, the produce also ends up being much tastier and more satisfying to eat!

No Harsh Chemicals

Another thing we loved about the AquaPure is that it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaners. All it really uses is water and salt. Unlike some fruit and vegetable cleaners, you don’t have to worry that you’re just replacing pesticides with another set of chemicals.

Amazing Discounts

Like with every product and device we review, we take costs seriously. At first glance, the AquaPure might seem expensive, but it’s actually very reasonably priced for the value it provides. For the price you pay, you get an effective device that you can basically use everywhere. Since it’s rechargeable, you don’t need to keep buying and replacing batteries. The product also comes with a full year warranty and the 90-day money back guarantee to give you peace of mind, on the slim chance you may want to return it.

More importantly, you can get amazing discounts for the AquaPure. If you buy it directly from its official site, you can get it for just $79.99 — that’s almost $20 in savings compared to its Amazon price and over $120 savings compared to its original price!

If you want to eat better and feel safer about the fruits and vegetables you eat, take advantage of this limited-time promo to buy your own AquaPure today.


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