Top 5 Rechargeable Emergency LED Light Bulbs 2024

Power outages are more than just a minor inconvenience — they can also be highly dangerous. Being in pitch black darkness makes accidents or falls more likely. It also makes it harder to unplug appliances and prevent damage from power surges.

Smart emergency light bulbs can keep your home and family safe from the dangers that come with blackouts. These revolutionary emergency bulbs automatically power on when the power goes out, so you’ll never spend a moment in the dark. Even better, they charge themselves automatically (so they’re always ready to go) and are 80% more energy efficient than standard bulbs. 

We had high standards going into our search and were able to find five great options while staying within a wallet-friendly budget. Check out our top five below — and get ready to be amazed by our number one pick!

#1 Best Rated Rechargeable LED Lightbulb



Surge Bulbs Can Last 20+ Years on 3 Hrs/Day Usage. They Consume 80% Less Energy Than Traditional Bulbs. Ideal for Home, Business & Outdoors. Protect Yourself & Loved Ones, Save Energy & Money!



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Surge Bulbs

Best Rechargeable LED Light Bulb



User Ratings (9,257)

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Surge makes their products to the highest standards of quality, and guarantees to deliver beyond your expectations.

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Why Is the Surge Emergency Light Bulb Our Top Pick?

The company behind Surge is proudly American-owned and operated. Since its headquarters are in Louisiana — one of the stormiest parts of the U.S. — we already knew right away that this emergency bulb has been tried and tested by people with higher standards than us.

It rose to become our top pick for several good reasons. It’s easy to use, safe, convenient, multipurpose, energy-saving, and best of all, highly budget-friendly — making it a worthy investment for peace of mind and safety for a stormy day.

People all over the U.S. are going crazy for Surge. Nearly every region has its own emergencies or disasters that can cause power outages, like:

  • Blizzards
  • Ice storms
  • Thunder storms
  • Hurricanes
  • Earthquakes
  • Wildfires
  • Brownouts
  • Tornados — and plenty more

The family-owned startup behind Surge has already sold over 600,000 bulbs in a record amount of time. They’re a no-brainer for anyone who lives in a high-risk area!

Once you get used to having a Surge bulb around your home, you’ll want them in your shop, garage, shed, and barn too. In fact, Surge is even handy for outdoor activities like camping and fishing! Knowing you have a backup light source is a huge peace of mind.

Turns On Automatically

No matter where you live, power outages can strike at any moment. This self-charging, blackout-proof bulb can keep you safe… and it’s effortless to install! They’re hands-down the easiest and cheapest way to outage-proof your home.  

With the Surge bulbs, you don’t have to worry about fumbling around in the dark while trying to turn on a flashlight. As long as the Surge bulbs have sufficient charge, they turn on automatically as soon as they sense that your power’s been cut, not just turned off.

Works With Existing Sockets

One of the best things about the Surge bulbs is that you don’t need to replace the existing sockets you have at home. The Surge has an Edison screw base, making it compatible with standard light bulb sockets. Just place Surge in your existing light fixtures and feel prepared and stress-free for your next power outage.

Six-Hour Use on Battery

The Surge Emergency Bulb’s backup battery provides over six hours of emergency light. There’s no need to worry about charging it, either. Once you’ve screwed the bulb into a regular socket, it will automatically start charging. This ensures that your bulb’s backup battery will have enough power whenever the electricity goes out.

Convenient and Multipurpose

Each Surge bulb comes with a power cap, which features a simple power button and a handy hook. The cap allows you to remove your Surge emergency light bulb from its base and still use it. The cap basically creates a closed circuit, so you can take the bulb with you anywhere and hang it wherever necessary. 

LED Bulb for Everyday Savings

Even outside of power outage emergencies, you can use the Surge light bulb just like any other bulb you have at home. Since it’s an LED bulb, you not only have a great emergency light charging on stand-by but also get to enjoy amazing energy savings.

LED bulbs are more efficient, requiring up to 80% less energy to provide the same brightness as traditional light bulbs. This means that when you use the Surge bulbs, you’re using less electricity and cutting back on a bit on your utility costs each month.

Who wouldn’t appreciate saving money on electricity bills and feel safe & secure during a blackout. That’s why we highly recommend giving Surge as gifts to your friends, families, and loved ones! They are very thoughtful gifts for birthdays, secret santa, housewarming, and more.

Affordable and Limited-Time Discounts

The savings that Surge offers doesn’t stop there. If you only need one emergency light bulb, you can purchase a multi-use Surge bulb for a reasonable $24.99 (and use it for 20 years!) However, if you’re in the majority who need to buy more than one, this affordable emergency light bulb becomes even cheaper! Your discounts get even HIGHER the more bulbs you buy with free shipping to anywhere in the United States!

With the onslaught of natural disasters happening in the US, Surge knows that safety is more important than ever. They want to get their bulbs into as many homes as possible. So right now, they’re offering a one-time discount for readers of this page — you can get up to 50% OFF your Surge Bulbs for a limited time. But hurry, supplies won’t last for long… Click the button below to check inventory!


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