Top 5 Best Phone Holders

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Do you ever wish you had another arm to hold your phone? Are you looking for a hands-free solution to keep your phone stable or at a perfect watching angle? You need a phone holder!

The problem is that it’s hard to find a single phone holder that meets all of our needs. We often end up needing a couple of phone holders for different things — one for the office, for the house, for the car, for trips, and one for our tablet.

Searching for the right phone holder is a time-consuming challenge, but our team is up to the task! We went and did the hard work for you — by spending hours and days researching, testing, and rounding up the five best phone holders we could find online!

#1 Best Rated Phone Holder, Mount & Stand

Tenikle 360°




User Ratings (7,327)

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User Ratings (5,223)

Pocket Tripod




User Ratings (4,268)





User Ratings (3,629)

Smart Holder Pro




User Ratings (2,720)

StayWell Copper Patch




User Ratings (5,178)

Tenikle 360°​

Best Phone Holder, Mount & Stand



User Ratings (7,327)

Committed To Quality

Tenikle makes their products to the highest standards of quality, and guarantees to deliver beyond your expectations.

Hassle-Free Returns

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 60 days for a full refund.

Fast Shipping From USA

Tenikle ships all orders quickly from their USA warehouse.

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What Makes Tenikle 360° Our Number One Pick?

With the Tenikle 360°, you can replace all your other phone, tablet, and camera mounts and use one product hundreds of ways. We couldn’t believe how well this unique little gadget performed. It made some shocking claims and delivered on all of them! 

The incredible Tenikle 360° has even gained recognition on ABC’s Shark Tank — where discerning sharks endorsed its ingenuity and functionality. That means when you buy a Tenikle 360°, you’re investing in a product that’s backed by the experts!

This simple and uniquely designed phone accessory offers plenty of amazing benefits and uses, convincing us that the Tenikle 360° is both the best phone holder we’ve tried and perhaps even the best one ever made.

Unique Design and Ultra Strong Suction

The Tenikle® 360° features a flexible and bendable octopus-inspired design that adapts to any situation. It’s not just a phone holder — it’s a multipurpose tool that can be used at home, in the office, in the car, on a bike, at the gym, and anywhere else you can think of! 

This revolutionary phone holder is designed to adapt to your lifestyle seamlessly. You can twist it, bend it, and mold it to fit any surface, making it the ultimate hands-free solution for all your phone holder needs. 

The Tenikle 360° features an improved internal core that makes its flexible tripod arms 2.8 times more rigid than its previous 2.0 version. 

Additionally, the Tenikle 360° boasts one of the strongest silicone suction cups per square millimeter ever engineered. 

You can trust it to securely suction to any smooth, non-porous, and non-textured surface, providing up to three weeks of reliable suction — ensuring your phone stays in place however you position it!

Unmatched Flexibility and Versatility

Get ready to unleash your creativity with the Tenikle. Its flexible legs and strong suction cups open up a world of possibilities for capturing shots from unique angles.

This phone holder offers unparalleled flexibility, thanks to its bendable silicone arms that can be twisted and shaped to fit your needs. It can wrap around objects, attach to your car’s windshield, or even serve as a tripod for taking photos or recording videos. Whether you’re watching a movie, following a recipe, or video conferencing, the Tenikle 360° has got you covered.

It doesn’t just hold your phone. The Tenikle 360° can easily hold cameras and larger tablets steady, too! In fact, this little gadget is designed to hold up to 30lbs in weight!

Convenient and Travel-Friendly

The Tenikle® 360° is lightweight, waterproof, super durable, and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Its compact size means it won’t take up much space in your bag or pocket. It can even be curled into a ball and squeezed into the seldom used corners of your carry-on suitcase.

The best part is that no assembly is required! Just pop it out and unfurl the legs, and it’s ready to use.

Final Word: The Ultimate Hands-Free Phone Holder

If you want a phone holder that can adapt to your dynamic lifestyle, look no further than the Tenikle 360°. With its unmatched flexibility, strong suction, and compact design, it’s the only phone holder you’ll ever need.

Its amazing and affordable price is equally unmatched! For less than $30, you basically get the equivalent of three or four separate phone holders and flexible tripods.

Even better, this five-star product comes with a lifetime warranty and 60-day return guarantee.

Don’t just take our word for it — see for yourself why it has gained accolades from industry experts and creators alike. Grab the Tenikle 360° today and discover a world of hands-free possibilities that will elevate your phone usage to new heights!


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