Top 5 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights 2023

Looking for an outdoor motion sensor security light that is high quality, safe, bright, and energy efficient to keep your home safe at night? Not all outdoor motion sensor lights are made equal, though. That’s why we researched and tested several popular and highly reviewed motion sensor lights we could find. We weighed everything from battery capacity and brightness to durability and affordability to bring you the best options — and ensure you get the best value for your purchase.

#1 Best Rated Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Best Solar Motion Sensor Floodlight




User Ratings (9,357)
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Best Portable Motion Light Battery Powered




User Ratings (4,490)

Best Solar Path Light




User Ratings (4,376)

Best Light Socket Security Camera




User Ratings (4,629)

Bell+Howell Bionic Spot Light




User Ratings (2,579)

SolarBright FloodLight

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light



User Ratings (9,357)

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What Makes SolarBright Our Number One Pick?

The SolarBright FloodLight passed all our testing with A+ marks. It managed to perform just as well as more expensive, big-name brands, even surpassing some of them in terms of brightness, battery life, and convenience. This feature-packed solar floodlight made some pretty big promises but it was able to deliver on all of them.

Incredible Battery Capacity

We’ve had solar lights that claim to last through the night but come morning can be found with hardly any light left or, even worse, already shut off.

That never happened with the SolarBright FloodLight, no matter how many times we tested it. Thanks to its 18650 battery, it was able to hold enough charge so that its lights remained bright, visible, and powered on until morning light.

Fully Recharges During the Day

Since this is a solar light, you won’t have to worry about recharging it. The solar panels allow for fast and easy recharge throughout the day. You don’t even have to worry about ensuring the lights are optimally positioned to soak in sunlight — it can still fully recharge even in shaded areas or cloudy days.

The product is equipped with a 1800 milliamp rechargeable battery. This holds enough power for the lights to stay on and bright even in its most demanding light mode settings.

True Flood Light Brightness

The SolarBright FloodLight truly lives up to its name. Unlike other solar lights that claim to have flood light-like brightness but in reality are no different from regular indoor bulbs, this solar light offers amazing brightness.

Each SolarBright FloodLight has 100 bright and long-lasting LED bulbs. Moreover, the integrated LEDs illuminating a powerful 600 super bright Lumens of light!

Simple and Fast Installation

Solar lights are naturally easier to install compared to regular electric lights since there’s no wiring to worry about. Compared to some outdoor solar lights that still have wires connecting the lights and solar panels, the SolarBright FloodLights has the panels built in already.

This means installation is as easy as sticking it to your wall with an industrial double-sided tape or simply screwing it onto the surface.

Wider Light Coverage

Each SolarBright FloodLights have 100 incredibly bright LEDs positioned at an angle in front and on two sides for optimum lighting. Thanks to this, you can enjoy 270 degrees light coverage for a wide area of brightness.

Three Handy Light Modes

Perhaps the best feature of the SolarBright FloodLights is its three light modes. This allows you to customize your experience, lighting, and battery usage based on your needs.

In the first light mode, the lights are consistently on throughout the night and only turn off once it’s morning or the battery runs out of juice. Meanwhile, the second and third modes take advantage of the lights’ impeccable motion sensors.

In the second mode, the lights are kept at a low brightness but turn up the bright lights when it detects movement around a 16-feet area. The third mode is similar but goes from the lights kept fully off to flood light bright.

Great Value for Money

If you want incredible value for money, look no further than the SolarBright FloodLights. They currently have an ongoing promotion, allowing you to purchase the lights at 50% off for a limited time!

Factoring in the discount, each package costs less than $40 and comes with two lights. Even better, it has a full refund guarantee! The brand offers full refunds with no questions asked if you’re not satisfied or have issues with your order. They will even refund the shipping costs. Meaning you have ZERO RISK when trying out their products.

With all these features and perks, there’s no doubt in our minds that the SolarBrights FloodLights deserve the number one spot. Visit their website below and get yours today to take advantage of their promo!


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