Top 5 Light Bulb Security Cameras 2024

Are you looking for the best solution to level up your home or office security? A home alarm system is a good place to start, but with the rise in crime, especially porch package thefts, you might need something more.

Wireless WiFi light bulb security cameras are the perfect solution! They are easy to screw into existing light sockets – no additional installation, wiring, batteries, or adapters necessary. They provide a 360° degree panoramic bird’s eye view of everything. Easily monitor what’s going on remotely anytime through an app on your smartphone to take control of your safety, check in on your family or pets, deter criminals, file insurance claims, and more. 

Going through numerous lightbulb security cameras online to find the best one can be time-consuming, though. That’s why we made this handy comparison and review to bring you the cream of the crop.

#1 Best Rated Light Socket Security Camera

Dot Com Products







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Eagle Eye






Spy Bulb












LiveGuard Pro






Dot Com Products

Best Light Bulb Security Camera 2024





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Why The Light Socket Security Camera™ Is Our Top Pick

The rise in porch thefts and other crimes has made homeowners more meticulous in their security purchases. Thanks to this, the standard for home surveillance cameras has gone up as well, leaving you with plenty of product options that share many of the same qualities.

Despite all that, The Light Socket Security Camera™ still managed to surpass our high standards and secure the number one spot on our list.

This compact smart security camera has it all — from wireless connectivity to 360° high-definition security footage and everything in between.

The Light Socket Security Camera™ doesn’t skimp on its camera quality. It records crystal clear and smooth videos thanks to its high-definition 1080p resolution.

Its 360° panoramic viewing angle gives you full-range detection for complete home protection. Thanks to its infrared lights, this protection extends until nighttime. You can turn on Infrared Night Vision to see in black and white or Full Color Night Vision to see in full color. Both night vision settings are high quality and outstanding.

Additionally, the camera is also equipped with a two-way audio system. Its built-in microphone and speaker allows The Light Socket Security Camera™ to act as your intercom. If you see a potential intruder or porch package pirate, you can use the audio system to scare them away!

Easy Indoor & Outdoor Installation, No Monthly Cost

Best of all, the light bulb security camera installs in as fast as 10 seconds! There’s no need to drill any holes or mess with wires — all you need is an E27 or E26 powered light socket and to screw in the lightbulb camera. No batteries, cables, or anything else!

The lightbulb camera can also be installed in any orientation. Thanks to its 360° swivel and panoramic detection, you can install it upside down on your ceiling or right side up on your gate post or wall.

Peace of Mind and 24/7 Protection

Once it’s secure, you can power it up right, connect to your home Wi-Fi network, and enjoy 24/7 panoramic security monitoring. The camera also comes with an easy-to-use app that works with both Android and iOS phones for real-time monitoring wherever you may be.

The app allows you to control your camera remotely. When something triggers the motion sensors of the camera, alerts will also be sent to your phone and you can see what’s going on at home.

If the sensors detect any motion, it will record videos that can serve as proof in an investigation. Thanks to the high quality night vision, you even get impressive footage recordings when it’s dark.

You can easily insert a 64 GB SD Card that will hold all the footage the camera captures. When the storage is full, it will cycle the the storage and record new footage over the oldest recorded content.

Get Available Special Online Discounts

What makes The Light Socket Security Camera™ even more amazing is the affordable price tag. Traditional security systems range from $300-800+ and they might not include all of The Light Socket Security Camera™ features. It would be reasonable to expect its retail price to be at least $93.99.

BUT, with their 50% promotional discount happening, you can purchase yours for just $49! Even better, if you buy 3, the cost is only $39 each!

Plus, there's a no-hassle 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re somehow unsatisfied with the item you received.

It’s no wonder that The Light Socket Security Camera™ scored the top spot on our list. If you’re interested in upgrading your home security, then you can’t go wrong with this product! Take advantage of the brand's exclusive discount and order your own Light Socket Security Camera.


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