Top 4 Best Daily Multivitamins For Kids 2024

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Growing children need proper nutritious food, and for that they need to eat balanced meals. The problem is that kids can be very picky eaters — some more so than others. 

More often than not, they prefer sweets and junk food over vegetables or fruits. In turn, this can mean they won’t get enough of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that they need to grow strong and healthy.

That’s where daily multivitamins come in! Since we all want the best for our kids’ health and safety, we conducted extensive research based on quality of ingredients, customer feedback, value for money, and brand reputation to bring you our top recommendations.

#1 Best Rated Multivitamins For Kids







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Hiya Probiotic






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Kids Multivitamin Friendly Patch





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Best Daily Multivitamins For Kids



User Ratings (3,357)

Committed To Quality

Hiya makes their products to the highest standards of quality, and guarantees to deliver beyond your expectations.

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If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact Hiya at [email protected]

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This score is based on four key metrics – extensive testing, level of benefits, customer feedback and brand reputation. We set exceedingly high testing standards for our readers so you can have full confidence in our recommendations.

What Makes Hiya Our Number One Pick?

We set the bar high in our quest to bring you the best kids’ multivitamins we can get online. We’re happy to report that we found one that not only met but exceeded all our expectations.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t a famous, big-time multivitamin that checked all the boxes in our strict criteria. It was the Hiya Kids Multivitamin that stood out for us. 

Hiya passed all our tests with flying colors.

Not only is it made with a blend of 12 organic fruits and vegetables, it’s also naturally sweetened and supercharged with 15 essential vitamins and minerals.

Just as importantly — our kids loved the taste!

Tailor-Made to Support Kids’ Healthy Development

Hiya is carefully formulated by a team of expert nutritionists and pediatricians, so you know you’re getting the right stuff for your kids.

It is made from a blend of 12 organic fruits and vegetables. Even better, Hiya is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO!

It contains 15 essential vitamins and minerals to help fill potential gaps in picky eating kids’ nutritional needs. These include: 

These are all the types of vitamins you’d find sourced from healthy stuff like beets, apples, and blueberries… not processed cane sugar and other gummy junk.

Hiya is super convenient to take, too! There’s no need for your kids to take multiple gummies or tablets per day, which makes it more likely to forget to take enough vitamins or have them on time.

With Hiya, your kids only need to take ONE chewable ONCE a day — no hassle at all!

Since it’s got a yummy, kid-approved taste, that also means won’t have any trouble getting your kids to take their multivitamins everyday.

What Makes Hiya So Much Better Compared to Other Kids Daily Multivitamins?

Hiya is made specifically with your kids’ overall health and diet in mind.

Knowing too much sugar is bad for kids and that kids love to eat sweets, Hiya also made sure to cut back on the sugar in two ways.

  1. Hiya contains zero added sugar! Instead, it’s naturally sweetened with monk fruit and natural sweeteners found in strawberries and pumpkins. This gives each Hiya chewable its yummy taste that kids love.
  2. Hiya isn’t a gummy multivitamin! While kids may enjoy munching on chewy gummies, the texture is actually bad for their teeth. Gummies are known to get stuck between teeth as well and to be chock-full of sugar. Hiya’s chewables help lower parents’ worries about their kids being at higher risk for tooth decay.
You probably won’t truly believe it until you see the look in your kids’ eyes after trying their first vitamin but this sweet video might give you a hint: 

Sustainable, Eco-friendly, and Optimized for Freshness

Another small but important thing to love about Hiya is that they don’t just care about the health of our kids. They also care about the environment. This is evident in their sustainability efforts through their packaging.

Your first order of Hiya kids daily multivitamins comes in a bright yellow, reusable glass bottle that you and your kids can decorate together. Every succeeding purchase then comes in eco-friendly refill pouches.

Hiya is also optimized for freshness!

The subscription-based setup means you won’t have to deal with chewable tablets going stale or dead vitamins and lost nutrients.

Instead, you get a pouch of fresh Hiya multivitamins each month — all delivered based on a doctor-recommended schedule!

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