Top 3 VHS Tapes, Films, Videos & Photos Digitizing Services 2024

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Documenting memorable events is something our parents and grandparents have been doing way before smartphones became popular. Many families have boxes upon boxes of photo albums and VHS tapes storing precious memories. 

Unfortunately, physical photos and videos can deteriorate over time. Plus, there are fewer devices sold that can play them. The best way to preserve old recordings and pictures for future generations is to have them converted to modern digital files.

We took a look at top companies and services that help people preserve their precious memories and ranked them below. The ranking is based on brand reputation, quality, cost, customer feedback, and turnaround time. 

#1 Best Rated Memories Digitizing Services





User Ratings (4,397)

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ThePhotoStick Omni






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Best Memories Digitizing Services



User Ratings (4,397)

Committed To Quality

iMemories monitors every step of the process with care and guarantees to deliver beyond your expectations.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Memories should make you happy, and so should your digitizing experience. If you’re not thrilled, simply contact iMemories at [email protected]

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This score is based on four key metrics – extensive testing, level of benefits, customer feedback and brand reputation. We set exceedingly high testing standards for our readers so you can have full confidence in our recommendations.

What Makes iMemories Our Number One Pick?

iMemories is the one of the most trusted Home Movie and Photo Digitization Companies. They’ve helped over 1 million customers digitize their treasured memories and have uploaded 35 MILLION+ photos and videos.

They have never lost a single memory, and they’ve been in the business for more than 17 years!

This alone shows you how dependable and professional they are — as well as the exceptional quality of their products, pricing, turnaround time, and customer service

After trying out their services, it was clear to us that this company will take the top spot on our list.

In addition, iMemories is on Fast Company’s 2023 list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies! This means their service is world-class and you can be assured that you’ll get the best experience choosing iMemories to “foreverize” your memories.

One Service for All Your Video Formats

When you talk about old video formats, there isn’t just one. VHS tapes might be the most popular but there are also VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Mini DV, MicroMini videos, and Betamax tapes.

With iMemories, there’s no question of whether they can convert videos stored in these formats. Compared to the two other options on our list, iMemories has the widest video format compatibility for conversions.

They even offer DVD and mini DVD conversion so you can store your memories online or on a USB thumb drive.

Film and Photo Format Conversions

Videos aren’t the only thing iMemories can digitize. They also convert film reels and photos into digital files.

This means that old 8mm, 16mm, and Super 8 films can live anew as modern video files! Meanwhile, for photos, iMemories accepts conversions of photos, old negatives, and even photo slides.

No Hassle Throughout the Process

One of the best things about iMemories is how convenient they make the conversion process. There is no hassle at all throughout the digitization!

The iMemories SafeShip kit makes it not only fast and easy to send original tapes and photos for conversion. It also ensures the originals are secure, thanks to waterproof bags and shock-resistant cushions included in the kit.

It even comes with a prepaid FedEx shipping label! All that’s left to do is to pack the videos and photos you want to have converted and then ship them off.

No need to label or organize anything, either! The amazing staff at iMemories will do that for you.

iMemories also offers three options for your digitized files. You can choose to get them as a digital file download, in a custom DVD, on a USB thumb drive, or stored online in the iMemories cloud.

Another thing to love about iMemories is their fast turnaround time. Averaging at just one to two weeks, it’s among the fastest memories digitizing service on the market!

The Clear Winner: Best Services, Convenience & Competitive Pricing!

On top of the convenience they provide, iMemories also offers a number of extra services. They can restore and enhance old photos, repair or slice broken films and videotapes, and even organize your digitized files easily.

If you want to make old memories last a lifetime, we are sure you won’t go wrong with choosing iMemories to take care of your precious tapes and photos. Get Your Memories Protected and Preserved Today!

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Step 3: Watch, share, and enjoy a lifetime of memories anywhere!


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