36 Best Unique Gifts for Men in 2023
(That He'll Actually use)

Looking for the perfect gift to impress the men in your life? Look no further! Whether it’s for your partner, father, brother, or friend, finding the right gift can be a challenge, especially when he said he doesn’t want anything. 

Good news, our team has JUST finished our annual search for the 36 best gifts that will surely leave a lasting impression. From tech enthusiasts to outdoor adventurers, fashion-forward trendsetters to sports enthusiasts, our selection has something for every type of man.

We had simple but thoughtful criteria. All the gifts had to be:

We checked out hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of products to find these — you can’t go wrong with any of them!

(Update: We’re getting reports that some of these may have gone out of stock already, so act fast if you see something you think he will like! We’ll try to remove the ones that go out of stock but we can’t guarantee anything!)

The Reusable Pain Patch That Quickly Relieves ALL Types Of Pain!

1500+ Reviews

"I got my Kailo patches a week ago. I am amazed at how quickly it controlled my pain. I have fibromyalgia and when I overdo my back aches so bad I can’t sleep. The Kailo patch works in minutes!" - Rita V.

Kailo Flex quickly and effectively relieves pain (all over his body) in the most natural way possible. The innovative patch is 100% drug-free, non-invasive, and can be used all day, every day, with zero side-effects.

Until recently, relieving body pain this quickly would have either meant using intense drugs… surgery… or just imagining things. Now, patented micro-technology can “turn off” pain signals like a light switch in the form of a lightweight patch! Thousands of people are using it, and a recent clinical study found that it decreased patient pain by 71%!

All he has to do is stick Kailo Flex on his body near where he feels pain – in about a minute, he’ll feel amazing relief. It works anywhere – including his head, neck, shoulder, back, knee, hand, foot, and more!

All-in-One Solution for Easy Photos and Videos Backup

8000+ Reviews

"This thing is amazing! Plugged it into my iMac and it found all my pics and saved them. 85,000+ pics saved! Saved storage space on my computer and now I have all of these memories over the past decade saved in a safe place." - Tenny N.

This revolutionary All-In-One device automatically finds, sorts, and saves 60,000+ photos, videos and audio files across ALL of his devices with ONE click. Works with ALL Macs & PC’s, ALL Smartphones and ALL Tablets. Easily transferring files from one device to another (like a wizard) while preventing irreplaceable photos & videos from being lost forever. Compared to traditional backup solutions, ThePhotoStick OMNI is easy to use, completely secure, convenient, and has no monthly or ongoing fees.

No wonder over 1,500,000 people love to use ThePhotoStick!

Sleek, Safe & Indestructible Wallet For The Modern Man

3500+ Reviews

"Since I got my Karben people have been asking me about it everywhere I go! It looks high-tech, it’s sturdy as a rock and it doesn’t hurt to sit on in my jeans. This is my favorite wallet and I can’t believe Karben isn’t charging people more for it! 100% recommended!" - Francis

Looking for a gift that combines fashion and functionality? Look no further than the Karben Wallet. This sleek and minimalist accessory is designed for the modern man who appreciates both style and practicality. With its timeless design and premium materials, the Karben Wallet is a truly thoughtful gift that will impress any man in your life.

Not only does the Karben Wallet exude elegance, but it also offers ample storage space for all his essentials. Multiple card slots, a clear ID window, and a convenient cash compartment ensure that everything is organized and easily accessible. Plus, the built-in RFID blocking technology provides an extra layer of security, protecting his sensitive information from electronic theft. Give the gift of sophistication and practicality with the Karben Wallet, and watch him carry it with pride for years to come.

Soothe His Sore Neck & Relieve Pain… Simply By Lying Down!

1000+ Reviews

"If back issues have interfered with your life like they have mine, and you feel like life as you knew it is gone, don’t believe it! I’ve only had this device for a few days and feel better than I have in months! No doubt the benefits will continue as I continue to use it!! Absolutely thrilled with this purchase!" - Kerry M

Ouch! If his back feels tight and it’s causing him pain, it could be due to trigger points in his muscles. These tight spots form when a muscle stays contracted for too long, causing pain and sensitivity. The best way to fix them is with the Trigger Point Rocker — it features 12 carefully placed pressure point knobs that line up with his trigger points and soothe the pain away. All he has to do is lie down on the device for 5-10 minutes — it’s fast, natural, and easy!

It does the work of 6 other massage products in one (foam roller, lacrosse balls, etc).

Computer Too Slow? Don’t Buy A New One (Do This Instead)

3600+ Reviews

"My computer crashed years ago and I never got around to doing anything about it because a certain ‘Geek Group’ wanted to charge me over $500 to recover everything. And for less than $90, not only did I recover all my important files, photos, videos & music, but I also basically got a new computer." - Earl M.‎

Tired of wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new computers every few years? Want to avoid adding more garbage to our overflowing landfills? Nobody likes spending money when they don’t have to. The Xtra-PC is a simple, affordable way to increase his old computer’s speed in seconds! Simply plug this innovative thumb drive into the computer’s USB Port. That’s it! No confusing programming necessary. Ramp up his old computer’s speed with Xtra-PC!

The World’s Most Effective Eyeglass (Or Sunglass) Lens Cleaner

5000+ Reviews

"This product is great. I am super sensitive to dirty glasses and find myself cleaning them more than once a day — until I got this. Now they are always clean. I am buying several more so that I can keep one at my office, one in my luggage, and some for gifts. Totally worth it. You will have the cleanest glasses." - Donna

If he carries around a microfiber cloth to clean his glasses (or worse: nothing, and he just let the smudge grow), then prepare to throw that crappy rag in the trash – because now he can use the same space-age glass cleaning tool that NASA astronauts use.

Peeps is insanely effective compared to rags and sprays that just rub the grime around. Not only does it make his glasses SHINE in one quick wipe, it also removes bacteria and other nasty stuff that likes to cling to his lenses… and it works great for all types of glasses! 

User-Friendly Smart Tape Takes The Guesswork Out of Measuring

"Fantastic little piece of kit. Absolutely Love this! It looks cool and my husband used this to measure the curve surfaces of our furnitures. This did the job perfectly." - Serena M.

Introducing the Easy Smart Tape, the innovative measuring tool that takes the hassle out of measuring and recording distances. With its intelligent features and user-friendly design, this tape measure is a game-changer for DIY enthusiasts, contractors, and homeowners alike.

Gone are the days of struggling with traditional tape measures and trying to read tiny markings. The Easy Smart Tape features a digital display that shows precise measurements in an instant, making it incredibly easy to use. Whether he’s measuring for furniture placement, hanging artwork, or taking on a construction project, this smart tape simplifies the process and ensures accuracy every time.

The 5-in-1 Tool That Makes BBQing A Breeze

3200+ Reviews

"The spatula is sturdy and can flip anything over, the fork is perfect for steaks or hotdogs. the best part is the serrated / knife edge to help make sure the meat is cooked to perfection. I love using it. Makes everything easier — especially the clean up – only 1 thing to clean up!" - Drew‎

This has to be the coolest tool for BBQ grill masters we’ve ever seen – and it’s just in time for the summer, too! FlipFork combines 5 essential grilling utensils (spatula, fork, tenderizer, knife, bottle opener) into one high-quality, easy-to-use tool. Not only does it make him much more efficient behind the grill, it also saves him tons of time and effort on cleanup since it’s dishwasher safe (and eliminates the need for 5 other tools). We love this thing, and we’re clearly not alone – it’s already racked up tons of 5-star reviews.

The Most Incredible Knives He’ll Ever Use! Made For A Lifetime

2000+ Reviews

"Best knives I've ever used. They are super sharp and super accurate with cuts. Almost effortless. Would recommend to anyone thinking about purchasing. I will continue to give this company my business. Great customer service as well!" - Amanda S.‎

Did you know that dull blades are actually MORE dangerous than sharp blades? Sadly, most blades lose their edge, rust easily, or even shatter in your hand! Don’t let that happen to him — instead, give him the gift of precision and style with the Dynasty Series Knives by The Cooking Guild! These hand-made knives use an ancient Japanese technique that ensures they stay sharper for longer, cutting down prep time and making the kitchen safer and more enjoyable. Plus, they look absolutely stunning!

More than $10,000,000+ in sales already!

Rolling Grill Basket: A Game-Changer for Outdoor Cooking!

300+ Reviews

"Rolling grills are like having a swarm of fireflies cooking up some serious deliciousness! What I love about it is that it's so portable and easy to use for outdoor cooking. The consistent heating and versatile cooking capabilities make it a must-have kitchen tool. Plus, it's durable and built to last. You've got to try it! Highly recommended for any home cook or professional chef!" - Brian S.

Say goodbye to the struggle of flipping individual food items on the grill! It’s now easier than ever to cook a variety of delicious foods perfectly with The Rolling Grill Basket! 

This innovative basket allows him to effortlessly grill delicate items like fish, vegetables, and even smaller pieces of meat. The adjustable, hinged design securely holds his food in place while still allowing for even heat distribution and optimal grill marks. Simply place the ingredients in the basket, close it up, and let the rolling action do the work, ensuring that every side achieves that mouthwatering grilled perfection.

Tiny 16-in-1 “Key Tool” Can Take Care Of HUNDREDS Of Tasks

3000+ Reviews

"I’m impressed. As an avid outdoorsman, I was skeptical that a product of this size could accomplish everything it promised. It’s proven it can get the job done time and time again, and is now the first thing I pack when heading out to fish, hunt or camp." - Hunter R.‎

What do a loose screw, a dangling wire, a broken bicycle and a bottle of beer have in common? They can all be fixed (or opened… or repaired… or measured…) with Keyzmo! This sleek, high-quality multi-tool fits easily on his keychain – yet it’s capable of handling tasks he’d normally need an entire toolbox for. Made from 420 stainless steel, it’s perfect for outdoor adventurers, hobbyists, handymen, and anyone looking to be prepared for whatever breaks.

Thinnest Phone Charger For Anytime, Anywhere Power Boost

3300+ Reviews

"I was looking for a new portable charger for my iPhone 11 Pro Max to replace my older one that took forever to charge my new phone. This one was a good size, offered quick charging, and had output ports for both micro USB and lightning. I can take the Charge Card anywhere since it fits perfectly right in my wallet. I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a portable charger" - Doug S.

The ChargeCard is a game-changer when it comes to portable charging. Designed to fit right in his wallet, this ultra-slim and lightweight device ensures he never runs out of battery again. Whether he’s traveling, attending meetings, or simply on the go, the ChargeCard got him covered. 

No more searching for different cables or adapters—this all-in-one solution ensures he can charge his devices hassle-free. With the ChargeCard, he’ll never have to worry about running out of battery when he needs it most. Give him the gift of staying connected and powered up wherever he goes!

Fitness Tracking and Health Monitoring For A Fraction Of The Price

1400+ Reviews

"I don’t review things often but I thought I share my opinion on this ActiveTrack Pro. It not only tracks my activity , but I was surprised how detailed it tracked my sleep. I have a sleep number bed , but the ActiveTrack Pro does a better job telling me if I was in light, deep, or REM sleep." - Tammy R.‎

Looking for the ultimate gift that prioritizes fitness and well-being? This remarkable timepiece combines advanced technology with a focus on health and wellness, making it the perfect gift for the health-conscious man in your life.

Equipped with advanced sensors, the ActiveTrack Pro Smartwatch provides 24/7 comprehensive health tracking capabilities. It accurately monitors key metrics such as heart rate, steps, distance, and calories burned, providing real-time data to optimize workouts and track progress, in addition to detect and warn him about abnormal heart rate patterns. 

Additionally, it offers personalized reminders to move and tracks sleep patterns, ensuring that he maintains a healthy and active lifestyle. This sleek and affordable smartwatch empowers him to make informed decisions to take his health and wellness to the next level!

Eliminate Snoring With This Genius Device

4000+ Reviews

"I’ve snored basically since I was born. The older I got, the louder the snores. Didn’t bother me too much, but bed partners lost many nights of sleep. I’ve tried cpap, nose things, head straps, sprays, yoga, meditation, sleep Nora, other weird pillows… you name it, I’ve tried it to no avail. Until these little mouth pieces. Ohhhhh I was skeptical. But oh wow did it work. As in no snoring at all every night I wore it." - Christine‎

Say goodbye to restless nights and disruptive snoring with ZQuiet, the ultimate solution for quiet and peaceful sleep. Designed by dentist, ZQuiet provides effective relief from snoring, allowing you and him to enjoy uninterrupted rest. This comfortable and easy-to-use device gently advances his lower jaw, opening up his airway and promoting healthier breathing patterns while he sleeps. Don’t let snoring control your nights – reclaim your sleep with ZQuiet and wake up refreshed and revitalized.

Forget Sleeping Pills – Fall Asleep In Under 8 Minutes Naturally!

3900+ Reviews

"Like many insomniacs, I will try anything for a decent nights sleep. I have bought most of them and unfortunately none have worked. I do NOT take any Rx medication but have used OTC stuff before. When I read about this thing, I thought why not give it a try. It is excellent for focusing your mind and controlling your breathing to help you fall asleep. It is relatively inexpensive and all I can say is GIVE IT A TRY. After all the other things I’ve tried this is my favorite." - George C.‎

If he struggles with racing thoughts at night, getting a solid 8 hours of sleep probably just sounds like a dream! Thankfully, there’s now a natural technique that can slow his mind down – permanently “training his brain” to sleep better every night. Invented by ex-insomniacs, Dodow could be the all-natural sleep aid he needs… and unlike other solutions, this one-time purchase lasts a lifetime! 

Dodow is proven to help users fall asleep 2.5x faster!

Say Goodbye to Sleep Disruptions and Enjoy Peaceful Sleep

2200+ Reviews

"My husband’s snoring just kept getting worse! The only time I got any decent sleep was when he slept on the couch. But thanks to the Sleep Connection wristband, everything has changed! It stopped my husband’s snoring overnight! I’m sleeping like a baby, thanks to Sleep Connection!" - Cassandra R

Introducing Sleep Connection, the perfect gift for him that brings peaceful nights and uninterrupted sleep. This innovative device is specifically designed to address snoring issues, providing a non-invasive solution for a more restful sleep for both him and you, his partner.

By utilizing gentle vibrations, Sleep Connection anti-snore wristband encourages him to naturally shift sleep position when it detects snoring, helping him to open airways and reduce snoring (without waking him up). Simply place it on the wrist before going to bed and let it work its magic. Sleep Connection ensures a restful and enjoyable sleep experience.

Experience The World Up Close Like He's Standing Next to It

2800+ Reviews

"Brilliant image quality and you really can see for miles and miles. My favorite feature’s got to be the fact that I can use it as a telescope and a photography lens, turning my cellphone into a pro-like camera!" - Brandon V.

Starscope Monocular brings distant objects closer with unmatched clarity and detail. Whether he’s a nature enthusiast, a sports lover, or an avid traveler, the Starscope Monocular is his ticket to exploring the world through breathtaking views, like never before. 

Constructed with durability in mind, the Starscope Monocular is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Its waterproof and fog-proof design ensures optimal performance even in challenging weather conditions. Compact and lightweight, it easily fits in his pocket or backpack, making it the perfect companion for hiking, bird-watching, concerts, and more.

Capture stunning photos in nature and witness the beauty of the world up close with the Starscope Monocular.

The Golf Tee That Helps Him Hit Further & Straighter Shots

2800+ Reviews

"I am a repeat purchaser. I really like the tees. Less drag than a standard tee. I do recommend buying the long tee. All my friends begged me for one seeing me hit straight long drives." - Ray S.

Is he an avid golfer — and is he still using an old-school wooden tee? Boo! Not only are wooden tees prone to snapping at the worst possible time, they’re also pretty basic. That’s why so many people (including pros) have been turning to FlightPath — these advanced polycarbonate tees last for hundreds of hits, and they use a revolutionary design that reduces friction and backspin. The result? He hit longer AND straighter than ever before! Plus, you help him save money because each tee lasts for hundreds of hits!

Trusted by thousands of golfers, from amateurs to pros — including Maurice Allen, the 2018 World Long Drive Champion!

This Year's #1 Gift For Writers? The "Infinite Pen"

1000+ Reviews

"I bought this as a gift for my husband and ended up taking it and got him another. I don’t usually carry anything to write with, but the pen writes really well and doesn’t fade or rub out. Highly recommend as the only tool on your keys!" - Carolyn K.‎

He’s a writer, you say? This is the one! He’s surely gone through hundreds of pens over the years… which isn’t just inconvenient, the costs really add up! That’s why people are going nuts over the ForeverPen — it’s a little inkless pen that fits on his keychain that packs 500+ pens worth of writing power into a tiny silver tip! Even the most dedicated note-taker will take YEARS to run through it… it’s genius!

More than 100,000 people trust their ForeverPen in a pinch!

#1 Theft-Proof Safe Keeps His Valuables Secure on the Go

1000+ Reviews

"I did make sure I tested the product ahead of time (plenty of times!) to make sure we did not have any issues. It is super durable, easy to use, and makes family trips that more enjoyable knowing that our valuables are safe when we are swimming or walking the beach. Great product and worth every penny!" - Brenda D.‎

FlexSafe is a portable, flexible safe that prevents his most important belongings from being stolen. Just hook it to a chair, car, even his belt… and nobody can walk away with it! When this device premiered on Shark Tank, one of the things that really wowed the sharks was that the FlexSafe is RFID-proof, meaning people can’t use radiofrequency to retrieve his data from afar. Its material is also slash-proof and the combination lock is reprogrammable. Nobody is getting into this thing!

It’s exactly what he needs when he’s at the beach, local pool or park, amusement park, on a cruise ship, ANYWHERE! And, he can even use it to store valuables at home!

The Perfect Gift For Him Who Uses Reading Glasses

500+ Reviews

"I've been looking for glasses like these forever. They are very sturdy, extremely flexible, and very clear and the 2.0 is just perfect for me. I attached the little case to my phone case in about 5 seconds and the glasses stay in the case without falling out. These fit my nose perfectly. I can wear them low or up high and they fit super sturdy without being uncomfortable at all." - Crispeto

With ThinOptics, he’ll always have your reading glasses handy! These foldable reading glasses are thin, incredibly durable and comfortable to wear. Most importantly, they stick right to the back of his phone, so they’re always there when he needs them… and safely tucked away when he doesn’t! Not only are they pleasant to wear, the glasses are made with premium optical-grade materials that are shatterproof and can withstand TONS of weight and damage.

That means he’ll NEVER be without his readers… and he’ll never complain about losing or breaking them again! You’ll be a hero — and you won’t have to keep reading him the menu any more 🙂

UV Toothbrush Sterilizer Kills Up To 99.9% of Germs

2900+ Reviews

"This product is nothing short of genius. I’ve always worried about the cleanliness of my toothbrush, and would replace it often due to bacteria concerns. I don’t even think about it anymore with bril. 100% trust in this sterilizer!" - Brittney R.‎

Eww! Did you know that toothbrushes are COVERED in nasty (and potentially dangerous) bacteria? Yup – they’re like a magnet for the millions of germs that float around our bathrooms (especially when we flush). That means he is putting them in his mouth whenever he brushes… unless you give him a bril, that is!

Bril is the world’s most advanced toothbrush sanitizer. Built by the same team that made NASA’s antimicrobial air filter system, it uses UV-light to kill 99.99% of bacteria and germs on his toothbrush in seconds… {Clean Toothbrush = Good Breath}… It’s simple to use, small enough to fit in the cupboard, and requires zero manual maintenance. It also has 3M magnetic attachments for a sleek magnetized display anywhere he wants! 

This Pillow Keeps Him Cool and Retains Its Shape For Perfect Sleep

1720+ Reviews

"I’ve been buying and testing pillows for a long time but never found the perfect one for me. Finally I discovered the Nuzzle Pillow, and it’s absolutely changed my life. I sleep better than ever, and that nagging pain I thought was permanent vanished after the first week of sleeping with the Nuzzle Pillow!" - Jenna E.

The Nuzzle Pillow is not your ordinary pillow – it’s a NASA inspired adjustable pillow designed to provide the best sleep experience and exceptional comfort.  Feather and Foam pillows can’t compete with the feeling of plush weightlessness from thousand of nano-coil fibers! 

Nuzzle has been vigorously lab tested to hold its shape for 1,001 nights and days! Plus, Nuzzle is 100% machine washable! And here’s the coolest thing about Nuzzle, it’s made from the same phase change fabric NASA uses in real space suits to regulate an astronaut’s temperature. When the temperature gets hot, Nuzzle automatically responds by cooling itself off so he’s always at the optimal temperature!

New Device Trains His Breathing & Boosts Athletic Performance

1000+ Reviews

"I've been using it now for several months, and straight away I've noticed a massive improvement in my lung capacity. Before I went out to bowl in the recent cricket series, I packed this in my cricket kit, and I used it, and it actually makes me feel a lot better. My sleep quality has improved dramatically! This has been a game changer for my health." - Brett L.

Better Breathing Sports is a revolutionary breathing resistance trainer designed to improve his breathing technique and maximize his athletic performance. By focusing on breath control and lung capacity, this device helps him optimize oxygen intake during sports and physical activities. 

The result? Enhanced endurance, improved stamina, better overall performance in his chosen sport, and more. Whether he’s a competitive athlete or enjoys recreational sports, Better Breathing Sports will empower him to perform at his best and achieve new personal records. It’s safe, works quickly, and trusted by top athletes around the world!

Replace His Fire Extinguisher With This ASAP

1770+ Reviews

"After a recent fire in a friends working studio I decided it was time to purchase a couple of small fire extinguishers for ours. Lifesafe Technologies offer the perfect solution. Great website, easy to purchase and good delivery times. Really pleased with their service. Thank you." - Verified Buyer

Did you know that there are actually 5 different types of fire — and each one requires a different method to safely extinguish? If he uses the wrong type of extinguisher, he could make the problem much worse! That’s why we recommend StaySafe — this compact fire extinguisher uses a revolutionary fluid capable of eliminating ALL 5 common household fires. Best of all, it’s ultra lightweight, so he doesn’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy extinguisher!

Coffee Warmer Tool - Savor Every Sip at the Ideal Temperature!

"riddiaSip will keep your warm beverages warm! I love mine for road trips because I hate cold or lukewarm coffee." - Kelly C.

Created by MIT students, riddiaSip is a USB portable rechargeable device that keeps his to-go beverages hot. This compact gadget easily fits in his pocket, making it ideal for travel, commuting, or simply enjoying hot coffee on the go. Suited for beverages contained within disposable paper cups, riddiaSip creates an outstanding experience for coffee drinkers on-the-go. This is a must-have gift for people who love to drink hot beverages at ideal temperature, all year round. 

Acupressure Insoles Alleviate Chronic Pain and Stress

2000+ Reviews

"I can honestly say that these in soles have helped my feet, legs and back. Like most I was sceptical. But I can wake up and step on floor with out feeling pain shoot from foot to back. I can stand at work on concrete for 8 hours and not be in pain. I really recommend these insoles to every one!" - Michael C.

MindInsole is a revolutionary reflexology insoles designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support to his feet. These innovative insoles are crafted with precision using a combination of acupressure and magnet therapy, targeting key pressure points in the feet to relieve pain, increase blood circulation, and promote overall well-being.

MindInsole offers a comfortable and snug fit, perfect for everyday wear. Whether he’s on his feet all day or looking for relief from foot-related issues, Mindinsole is here to provide the ultimate foot therapy.

World’s First Hearing Aid Under $100 Is Now Available

2500+ Reviews

"Could not believe my ears after using Audien ATOM the pro version was by far more clearer! I have a fan going next to me [but] it took out most of the fan noise & made the TV a lot louder ! I would rate the Pro (A++++) . Keep up the great work you are doing on improvements!" - Larry H.‎

If he suffers from mild to moderate hearing loss, and he hasn’t done anything to correct it… then he’s actually in luck! Just a few years ago, he would have been forced to either pay upwards of $4,500 for hearing aids — or struggle with poor hearing. 

But now you can gift him Audien: the most premium, discreet and affordable hearing aids that everyone is talking about. Audien requires no prescription and costs less than $100. They work right out of the box, and thousands of people are already using them to enjoy full, beautiful sound again!

More than 350,000 people already use Audien to enjoy better hearing every day!

The Best Head Shaver Ever Made For Bald Men

800+ Reviews

"I bought this for my husband and it works exactly as described. He’s been using traditional hair clippers for years and was never a fan of using a razor. We were both shocked at how fast it shaved his head. Highly recommended!" - PD

BaldiePro is a revolutionary new shaver kit that is specifically designed to give him the closest, most comfortable head shave he’s ever had… in just 3 minutes! Unlike other shavers, BaldiePro uses a special grip and SmoothShave™ blades that cut extremely close, yet won’t risk those nasty cuts or frustrating skin bumps that other head shavers cause. It even includes attachments for his face, ear, neck and nose hair… it’s the ultimate all-in-one head shaver!

Trusted by UFC fighter Eddie Truck Gordon, WWE wrestler Joseph Rudd, NFL player Reid Ferguson and more!

Fun, Safe & Easy Way to Shotgun Any Canned Beverage

500+ Reviews

"This was super easy to use and it’s made my shotguns even faster !!! I went from 4 seconds to now 2.5. I bought my close friends each one so they can try to get on my level. Go get yours and let’s get Krak’in!!!" - Michael T.‎

Does he like to get the party started by chugging a beer? He’s going to absolutely love Krak’in! This genius keychain-sized device helps him easily shotgun a beer in seconds — with no mess, dangerous holes or dirty keys. He simply attaches Krak’in to ANY can, then cracks it open to enjoy the smoothest beer shotgun he’s ever had. It’s not just quick and easy, it’s a much better way to chug!

DIYers Are Freaking Out About This New “Glue Killer”

1550+ Reviews

"Really unbelievable. The best bond!! a little clear bead shows, but it is super strong. I would use this for any plastic bond. Super glue only works for little things and is so messy. Kinda like JB weld for metals." - Verified Buyer

If he prefers to fix things instead of throw them away, he’s going to love Bondic! 

Bondic is the high-tech future version of glue – it’s super easy (and incredibly satisfying) to use. Oh, and it’s also 50X stronger, never leaves any mess, and can be remolded and reshaped again and again. Not only will he save TONS by fixing things instead of replacing them, he’ll also get plenty of uses out of it compared to boring old glue. What’s not to love?!

The Ultimate Bug-Free Experience: Illuminate and Eliminate!

800+ Reviews

"When I got the Camping Lantern Bug Zapper, I put it outside in the early evening (6 pm) with only the Bug zapper light on. The next morning, at 8 am, I went outside and there were at least dead 20 mosquitoes on the zapper and the light was still working. I washed it under the faucet, dried it with a dish towel and recharged it. It took about an hour to recharge (red light turns green). I am very pleased with the product." - Anne

Don’t let pesky insects and mosquitoes ruin his outdoor experiences – take control with Bug Bulb and create a bug-free zone wherever he goes!

Bug Bulb is a powerful and portable outdoor lantern that combines the functionality of a bright LED light with a built-in bug zapper. It emits a bright, energy-efficient light that illuminates his surroundings, creating a cozy and well-lit ambiance for camping, picnics, or backyard gatherings. At the same time, the bug zapper feature attracts and eliminates flying insects, providing him with a bug-free and enjoyable outdoor experience. Bug Bulb is the ultimate companion for both illumination and bug protection. 

This Device Uses His EAR To Stop Migraines In Seconds

1100+ Reviews

"The thought of this product being able to stop a migraine that paracetamol or ibuprofen couldn’t, seemed like [a] joke! But my friend recommended I try it and it was the best purchase I’ve made. I get migraines at least once a month and have tried everything to stop them, now I finally don’t have to live in fear of migraines. Thanks Dr Adam!!" - Kara R.‎

If he pops a pill every time he gets a migraine, he has to try The Migraine Stopper — it’s a new device that uses a revolutionary technique to naturally relieve migraines in a matter of minutes. The technique is called Neuromodulation, and it involves gently stimulating cranial nerves in a way that calms his brain and quickly reduces pain. The best part? He can use it whenever he needs, and it can even prevent his migraines from happening with regular use!

For a limited time, he can try it for 90 days risk-free to see if it’s right for him!

The Ultimate Pocket-Sized Tripod for Every Smartphone

800+ Reviews

"On the plane, I used it to hold my phone while I watched a movie. When I went to a museum I used it to hold my phone steady to take some pictures. At home I even use it to hold my phone while I listen to audiobooks. I’m using it more than I expected, which means it’s an even better value than I first thought." - Mike B.‎

Experience the perfect blend of portability and stability with the Pocket Tripod. This ingenious accessory is designed to fit right in his pocket, yet transforms into a reliable and versatile tripod for his smartphone. Whether he’s capturing breathtaking landscapes, group photos, or smooth video footage, the Pocket Tripod provides a sturdy base, ensuring shake-free and professional-quality shots. Say goodbye to carrying bulky tripods and hello to the convenience of the Pocket Tripod.

Endorsed by Steve Wozniak: “What a great idea that I wish I’d thought of. I’m still blown away that the angle is adjustable like that. I will definitely add it to my backpack.”

Save Thousands on Professional “No-Install” Motion-Sensing Lights

2200+ Reviews

"I love these lights. I have four. I put one down the side of my driveway so that they light up if anyone drives by. I have one by my front entrance so that anyone who enters my screen door lights it up. I have one on the door to my garage that lights the way for me at night. The little grip arms are dynamite. And they are tough! Great inexpensive security and the batteries last a long time." - Donna‎

Lumenology is the easiest and most affordable wireless motion-sensing lighting system in the world! Thanks to its foldable arms and built-in magnet, he really can install this compact, yet powerful wireless light anywhere he needs vision — and it only takes a second! Featuring IP43 Weather Resistance and a huge 60+ foot beam that’s bright but not blinding, it’s the perfect solution for both permanent and temporary lighting all around his home, yard and office.

Equip Power Outage Bulbs For Light & Safety In the Darkness

1650+ Reviews

"Worked like a charm during a power outage. I put one in the kitchen and it lit up everything. The one in the bathroom was so bright it looked like I almost had the regular light on." - Tracy W.‎

Power outages are frustrating… not to mention dangerous! Even a few moments of total darkness can cause serious injury, especially for the elderly — which is why we recommend Surge bulbs. This intelligent and energy-efficient LED bulb automatically switches on when the electricity goes out, giving him peace of mind and safety at home. Don’t be caught off guard by power failures – equip Surge bulb and never be left in the dark again.

Instantly Speed Up Internet Without Paying More

1700+ Reviews

"This is the best Wi-Fi booster I have ever had. Streaming movies downstairs on our TV has been almost impossible until now. But with this little booster, it works perfectly now. So I am more than satisfied with this purchase." - Gina L.

The Omega WiFi Amp is a must-have device for anyone seeking to maximize their WiFi coverage and signal strength. This powerful amplifier works by extending and amplifying the existing WiFi signal, effectively eliminating dead zones and weak spots in your home or office. 

With the Omega WiFi Amp, he can enjoy a strong and reliable connection throughout his space, whether he’s in the basement, backyard, or upstairs. Say goodbye to frustrating buffering and slow speeds, and hello to smooth streaming, fast downloads, and lag-free online gaming.

As seen on FOX, NBC, Digital Journal & more!

Enhance Security and Lighting in One Ingenious Device!

5000+ Reviews

"The quality of the live feed from this camera is exceptional. The price is very reasonable and even more important than that is that the set up and use of this camera is very user-friendly. I like to say that if I was able to understand this and set it up, anyone could!" - Aston D.

Surprise him with the ultimate gift of security and convenience – The Light Socket Camera. This innovative device seamlessly integrates a high-quality camera into a standard lightbulb, providing both illumination and surveillance capabilities. With features like motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio, the light bulb camera allows him to remotely monitor his space and communicate with anyone in the vicinity. Whether it’s at home, office, or any other area, this smart device offers 360-degree video coverage and easy remote access via a mobile app.

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